Curious Findings


I’m working on my next set of posts, and it’s taking a little longer than expected. In the meantime, I’ve stumbled upon some things that I find just plain weird. 

At times, I don’t even know what is supposed to be satire and what’s real.

Steven Anderson tells us that the Bible is God! (sadly, I’m aware that this isn’t satire. . .)

David Cloud warns of the evil of Chiropractic. Bout’ time somebody told ’em!

And the latest in the saga concerning KJVO semantics includes a response from Jack Schaap. I’m not really interested in the controversy so much as something in the article that struck me as telling. If you open the PDF and scroll down to page 9, you’ll find Schaap continuing to vindicate himself as a true heir to the Hyles throne. In doing so, he provides a summary of Hyles’ message, ‘How to Call a Pastor.’  12 things are listed, 11 of which I’m not surprised to see as IFBx prerequisites. However, I find #3 a bit curious:

3. Do not choose a Bible expositor – topical only.

Topical onlyism? It’s true? Wow. See I know that an over emphasis on topical preaching has plagued IFBx-dom for a while, but I didn’t think it was admitted like this. I was unaware that it was considered that important as to require it for a pastor. But I guess when your doctrine doesn’t come from the scriptures, why would you want an exposition of them?


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  1. Will on

    Oh ya, Hyles used to say that expository preaching will kill a soul winning church. I have a quote from the Science of the Christian Life Vol. II that says exactly:

    “There is not one expository sermon in the Bible. All of them are topical…The great soul winning churches have been pastored by topical preaching…many of our soul winning churches fell prey to the popular notion of expository preaching. They decided that they wanted more Bible, but when they got it, it cost them their effective soul winning.” P. 174 Hyles Publications 1996

    Can you believe this????????????

  2. Damien T Garofalo on

    sadly, yes.

  3. Travis James on

    I used to think that the term ‘bibliolatry’ was too extreme of a term for KJVOism. The Steven Anderson video confirms for me that it is not.

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