Encouraging Sunday Video, 11.30.08


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  1. TJ on

    How bold! How Biblical! It’s like John the Baptist in Manhattan. Fundamentalists need to understand…this is street preaching!

  2. Phil on

    This is urgent. Please go to alfaarooq1’s blog I commented there after he posted his

    Islam in the bible post (don’t know how to link!) My coments seem to have been

    erasedor deleted( don’t know if on accindent or on purpose). I reposted them

    and commented on His next post: All the prphets Mosses to Jesus were Muslim. He

    continually uses the NIV to fit his belife that that is a porphecy concerning

    Muhammed Duet18:15-18(compare literal translation to NIV and on the post you did

    on Islam he took Is 29;12v)totally out of context(see whole chapterof Is 29). Please

    go over there in Look so I have proof That Ive been comenting there. Tell other blogs

    if you can This comment was posted at 9:48pm central time.

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