Islam, the Religion of Peace. . .and Charity!

muslimsI read an article in the paper this morning concerning a Muslim charity. It appears that one of the largest of these charities in the United States was funding terrorism. Surprised?

We obviously should not be. Muslim charities aren’t all that charitable after all. 

But what about all that “religion of peace” talk? Doesn’t Islam mean “peace”? And what about your Muslim neighbor and my Muslim friend who appear to be peace-loving citizens?

Well, I’m not going to delve into why Islam is violent and not peaceful. You can see that for yourself with a just a few minutes of research. From the violent admonitions in the Koran to modern day terrorism, Islam is filled with hate, violence, and intolerance of the ugliest sort. Our dear friends who love peace yet consider themselves Muslims just aren’t following their religion faithfully. 

A professor of mine was able to communicate all of this in a very short lesson: he pointed to a world map and asked us to find one country, just one country, that has a dominating Islamic influence in which there is any sort of peace at all. What Muslim country has not been riddled with violence?

This rant serves no purpose other than to expose true Islam to Christians. I’m not worried about what anyone else thinks of it. But if you’re a Christian, I urge you to not buy into the lie that Islam has anything to do with peace.


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  1. faithwalker on

    You are absolutely correct! Anyone who hasn’t done so should watch this documentry: Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against The West It will open your eyes to the reality of Islam!

  2. TJ on

    For some specifics, go back to the very beginning. It’s been violence from the word go.
    Look into how Mecca became the Islamic center of the world.

    “Muhammad’s teaching annoyed the prominent merchants of the town so that in 622 he was compelled to leave for the city of Medina. (This event is known as the Hejira or migration and is the starting point for the Muslim calendar.) In Medina Muhammad attracted a large following who were able to attack the Meccan caravans. By 630 Muhammad and his followers (the Muslims) had defeated Mecca and converted most of its inhabitants to Islam. In the following years Medina became capital of the new Islamic state whilst Mecca retained its position as religious centre and centre of pilgrimage.”

  3. alfaarooq1 on

    Brother / Sister in Faith,

    The Almighty is much misunderstood by many, some claim to believe and yet believe not.
    I’ve touched on the Topic “Who is The Almighty Allah” See:

    I’ve also touched on Topics such as “The True Religion” I will soon be posting a new article taking from the Blessed Holy Bible…
    It will be called “Islaam in the Bible” giving reference and very indepth answers.
    All over the world Priests, Missionaries, Rabbis are reverting to Islaam…
    Some may Question but why are all our religious scholars becoming Muslim.
    The Answers might just be in my blog posts.
    Find out More from Former Christian Priests, Missionaries, Rabbis etc…
    Search for the names listed from my blog posts and you’ll get their details should you have any questions.
    With love to all for the pleasure of Allah.

  4. alfaarooq1 on

    Do you know I’ve spoken to all your groups on religion and all the links you provide on the right side, the guys at faithfacts, answering islam etc… have failed I’ve closed them off sealed them completely go look at their blogs on their websites, ask Charles Meek at about Farook Mohammed, ask Steve how I’ve had them lose their words.
    They lost all that they believed in but I prommised them they have not lost because Allah is there I gave them full proof.
    It is now your turn.
    The Almighty always sends you someone to shed light when you touch topics concerning Him take this as a sign for you to reflect from I did not come to debate you or anyone I came as a sign for you.

  5. Phil on

    Sorry not wanting to mess up the thread but DT made a comment over at Jaqck

    Hammer that he only sighns books he writes. My question is ” You write books?.

    Alfarooq, Why do you believe Mohammed is Greater than Jesus? Your Koran gives

    Jesus everything we give him but diety. Your book acknowledges that he was virgin

    born. Why is Jesus on the same level as the other prophets when they all had two

    parents. Second your book gives him holy names : Word of God , Spirit of

    God , The Advocate on the Day of Jugement ( he will be your advocate on the day of

    judgement) , the Righteous and Pure One (without sin)( these are given to Jesus and

    none of your other prophetsonly Jesus . Back when Khomeini was leader of

    Iran he called himself thje spirit of god. The king of Morocco, MohammedV

    responded by saying “you are not the spirit of God Jesus is the Spirit of God”. Your

    book also states that Jesus did miracles ( Jesus gave sight to the blind and raise the

    dead.also Mohammed admitted that he could not do miracles). Furtyermore your book

    acknowledges that he lived a sinless life and all your other pophets did not. Also why

    must you ask Jews and Christians if you dont’s understand a verse in the Koran?

    You say that there are many people ( Priests and Rabbis )who are converting to Islam

    but there are also many muslims converting to Christianity and suffering for it bt their

    muslim families.

  6. Phil on

    The whole conclusion to me saying those things was on the basis of these things your

    Koran says would’nt Jesus be the greater than all your prophets(even Mohammed)?

  7. alfaarooq1 on

    According to you Jesus the son of Mary who is Not The Almighty fits the part in Deut 18:18 well answer the Us the Muslims and the Jews…
    So Jesus is Eloah / Allah to you if you look at Deut 18:18 “Eloah” = Allah = YHVH etc… tells Moses (PBUH) “I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among your brethren; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.” This Prophet is not Jesus becuase Allah The Almighty says to Moses “A Prophet like you” Jesus is not like Moses because in your eyes Jesus is “Eloah” “Allah” “A prophet like Moses (PBUH) how can Jesus be like Moses if Moses is a prophet and not a “god” Should Moses not be a “god” then also? Mohammed is from the bretheren of Moses Peace be upon him.

  8. alfaarooq1 on

    I firstly introduce you to Allah from the Holy Quran see Surah 112, (Al Ikhlas)
    “He is Allah The One, Allah The Eternally Besought of all! He begettith not nor was He begotten. And there’s none comparable unto Him”
    I refer you to Surah 4: (An Nisaa) verses 156 to 159 and then look at what Allah says in Quran in Surah 4: (An Nisa) 170 to 177
    This will answer you perfectly The Lord of the Worlds is Allah, He is Incomparably Great so say not three as there is only One, if your belief is other then this then what you believe in is “Nothing” compared to what I believe in and what you believe in is very small and can Not be compared to Allah the Greatest. What I believe in is in fact far Greater then what you believe in.
    Historical references… for further confirmation I present from the Holy Scriptures…
    In the Injeel (Holy Bible):
    Prophecies of the final messenger:
    (The Book of Isaiah chapter 29, verse 12: “AND THE BOOK IS DELIVERED TO HIM THAT IS NOT LEARNED”) The Angel Gabriel came to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with the first revelation of the Final Holy Scripture The Holy Quran, Gabriel said “READ” “AND HE SAITH I AM NOT LEARNED” (The Holy Quraan 7:158 “THE PROPHET WHO CAN NOT READ NOR WRITE”) The Almighty knew that there would be a people who will flippantly, light heartedly discount His words, so He followed up (Deuteronomy 18:18 with a dire warning “AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS,” it will happen “THAT WHOSOEVER WILL NOT HEARTAKEN UNTO MY WORDS WHICH HE SHALL SPEAK IN MY NAME, I WILL REQUIRE IT FROM HIM.” in the catholic bible the ending words are “I WILL BE THE REVENGER”, I will take vengeance from him – I will take revenge! Does this not terrify you? The Almighty is threatening revenge! We normally shake to the bone if just a robber comes to us yet people have no fear of the Almighty’s warning?
    MIRACLE of MIRACLES! verse 19 of Deuteronomy chapter 18 we have further fulfilment of the prophecy of The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Notice the words (“MY WORDS WHICH HE SHALL SPEAK IN MY NAME”) In who’s Name is Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) speaking? Just open the HOLY QURAN every chapter you will find starts with “IN THE NAME OF ALLAH MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL” The prophecy is being fulfilled by Mohammed (PBUH) to the word! Every chapter of the Holy Quran begins with this formula except the 9th; a Muslim begins every lawful act with this formula.
    In The Injeel (Holy Bible) Allah said to Moses: “I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among your brethren; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.” (The Holy Bible, New International Version, Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse 18).
    The prophet described in the above verse must have the following three characteristics: 1.) He will be like Moses. 2.) He will come from the brothers of the Israelites, i.e. the Ishmaelites. 3.) The Almighty Allah will put His words in the mouth of that prophet and he will declare what Allah commanded him.
    This verse describes Mohammed:
    1. The prophet like Moses
    Christians feel that this prophecy refers to the Jesus. Muslims believe that although The prophet Isa / Jesus was truly and only a prophet of Allah, he is not the prophet spoken of here. He was born miraculously, is from the Israelites and not the Brother Israelites ie. Ishmealites and, finally, Allah raised him up miraculously. On the other hand, Mohammad is more like Moses; both were born in a natural way, both died natural deaths and Mohammed is from the Ishmaelites, further to this both were kings in their time and their people accepted them as prophets.
    2. From among the Ishmaelites
    Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac (Genesis, chapter 21). Ishmael became the grandfather of the Arab nation, and Isaac became the grandfather of the Jewish nation. The prophet spoken of was to come Not from among the Jews themselves, but from among their brothers, the Ishmaelites. Muhammad is a descendant of Ishmael.
    3. Allah will put His words in his mouth
    “Neither the content of the revelation, nor its form, were of Mohammed’s devising. Both were given by the angel, and Mohammed’s task was only to repeat what he heard.” (World Religions from Ancient History to the Present, by Geoffrey Parrinder, p. 472)
    The Almighty sent the angel Gabriel to teach Mohammad (PBUH) the exact words that he should repeat to the people. The words are therefore not his own; they did not come from his own thoughts, but were put into his mouth by the angel. These are written down in the Quran word for word exactly as they came from The Almighty Allah.

  9. alfaarooq1 on

    I’ve broken all the sayings of all the bloggs and websites around the world with the truth I’ve taken on all your heads and made them see the truth, your leaders all failed in their preaching, their last words to me was I speak the truth and they can not deny it! all the links you provide here I’ve been in contact with long ago ask them do they know anything about Al-Faarooq…
    I’ve sent letters to the Pope, the Vatican and all around the world to your religious leaders.
    Have a look on the news BBC articles… etc… you will find we having meetings with your heads.
    Islaam wants a peaceful handover of it’s people, the massess are coming to Islaam so let them come in peace it’s their choice to be Muslim do not fight us we want no war… Jesus told his people of the Kingdom and they The People prayed to Allah “Let Your Kingdom come” The Kingdom of Islaam has already come “Let Your will be done” Muslims always say Inshallah (If Allah wills) “On earth as it is in Heaven” Islaam is the Fastest growing religion in the world and already the biggest “Give us this day our daily bread” Allah gave the spiritual sustanance Islaam “for thine is the Kingdom” We rule the world! “forver and ever Ameen” Ameen again to it. Islaam has and will always stand the test of time.
    May Allah guide you Inshallah Ameen!

  10. Phil on

    Solrry if this sounds ignorant but what is the PBUH?

  11. DT on

    PBUH means “peace be upon him”. It is a customary phrase to say when speaking of prophets who have died. Islam considers Jesus Christ a prophet who has died (technically he was taken before the crucifixion was over), therefore they say that phrase when mentioning his name, just as they do for Mohammed.

  12. Phil on

    Thanks DT Actually don’t they believe Allah made Judas appear like Jesus so they

    crucified him instead of Jesus?

    Alfaarooq(sorry for mispelling your name before) are’nt you ignoring

    Dueteronomy18:15 ” THe LORD your God wiill raise up for you a

    prophet like me from among your own brothers.” (NIV). Just so you know the bloggers

    of this sight and I donot consider pope our leader there are many things things that we

    believe are unscriptural with their methodology and theology : Mary

    worship,transustanciation(the belief that when one takes the Lords Supper which is

    called the eucharist by the RCC it becomes the literal body and blood of Jesus which

    as a consequnce has an ever dying savior since Jesus has to constantly die in the

    mass) confessing sins to priest, calling pope Vicar of Christ and infallible when he sits

    in his seat , worship of those who have been oted into “sainthood “, being voted into

    sainthood, Purgatory( we believe you either got to Heaven or Hell) etc.

  13. Phil on

    Alfaarooq the Bble version you are using uses a translation method called dynamic

    equivalence. This method translates the original languages thought for thought

    instead of word for word(formal equivalence). The KJV says ” THe LORD thy God will

    raise up unto thee Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren like unto me ; unto

    him ye shall hearken. In the context that prophet would be from the Israelites not the


  14. […] I just think, where has our sense of religious freedom gone? Hey, I’m no friend of Islam, but according to my beliefs as a Christian, as a Baptist, and as an American, I should not be […]

  15. alfaarooq1 on

    Phil sorry for my long back aches in reply to you I’ve been busy in my normal world as a husband and father to be in March 2009 so ya I have a lot to look forward to since Allah blessed us with a baby…

    Anyway you may find your answer in

    To put it all nicely for you I did not look into Duet 18:18 alone I took the whole of Duet 18… not missing 15 at all, the thing is your knowledge and understanding of history is very small but as you study you will learn more Inshallah you will gain more knowledge going forward.
    Here’s a bit more understanding into the time of Moses (Pbuh) The Family of our father Abraham (Pbuh) did not split into groups of individual as yet they were together but split into two nations Jew and Arab and at this point in time Both these nations were known as Israelites and Brother Israelites I’m sure you read the Holy Scripture “Bible” so to gain more knowledge I won’t give you a reference so go look in the Holy Book and find “Brother Israelite” being mentioned a hint for you is where they are immigrating to the new land, Moses (Pbuh) tells the Israelites “Go ahead of your Brother Israelite” One Nation was traveling behind the other…
    Oh if need more proof get a pure blood jew and a pure blood arab then do a DNA test trust me you’ll find the same family line, we have the Faro wrapped up as well so if someone willing out there amongst the scientists wants to check compare both these blood samples to the Faro’s mummy…

  16. alfaarooq1 on

    Hi Phil one more thing don’t use the words “Your Torah” or “Your Bible” or “Your Quran” please change that to Our Torah, Bible and Quran… Can you do that please because the Holy Scriptures are there for everyone…
    Muslims believe in all that have been revealed unto us and that revealed before us to all the Prophets from our Lord Eloah, Allah etc… etc… I’m sure you know the Almighty has many Names and Titles…

  17. alfaarooq1 on

    Last comment the “Brother Israelite” in the Scripture are the Ishmaelites (Arab Nation) You can now take it further and find scientifically proven the DNA of Jew and Arab link to one family…

  18. Phil on


    Thanks for answering back. I have been trying to comment on your blog, but my

    commnets seem to be getting erased. I commented last thursday and my commments

    were there all the way until Sunday, but on Monday I repostethem and now they are

    gone again. Also I saw your Moses and Jesus were Muslims post and commented

    there but now they are gone also. I have no Idea what happened. I hope you will see

    what I have posted now on this sight but please know i did come over and

    comment. I even printed My comments out both times. I guess I will give them to now

    on this sight. Hope fully you can find time to come over and see them. Since this is

    the thire time and you have commented on this site again I will modify my commnets

    in light of your new comments. I won’t do that yet I just found the verse with

    “Brother Israelites” Deuteronomy 3:18, but I am running out time got to go get ready 4 dinner

  19. Phil on


    Thanks for answering back. I have been trying to comment on your blog, but my

    commnets seem to be getting erased somehow. I commented last thursday and my

    commments were there all the way until Sunday, but on Monday I repostethem and

    now they are gone again. Also I saw your Moses and Jesus were Muslims post and

    commented there but now they are gone also. I have no Idea what happened. I hope

    you will see what I have posted now on this sight but please know i did come over and

    comment. I even printed My comments out both times. I guess I will give them to now

    on this sight. Hope fully you can find time to come over and see them. Since this is

    the thire time and you have commented on this site again I will modify my commnets

    in light of your new comments. I won’t do that yet I just found the verse with

    “Brother Israelites” Deuteronomy 3:18, Is’nt there a third group in your family( the

    Edomites descendants of Edom or Esau, Jacobs twim brother. I don’t Know who they

    would be today. I was not trying to say that Arabs and Jews( and Edomites) are not

    brothers. What I was trying to say was that because of the translation method of the

    NIV(dynamic equivalence), the translation can tend to paraphase

    what the original languges say missing what it literally says. In verse 15 Moses is

    talking directly to Israel telling them.. Hold on I need to answer your Deuteronomy 3

    comment before I answer Deuteronomy18. I still think your mising the literal meaning

    by using the NIV. In Deuteronomy3:18 the KJV says: And I commanded you at that

    time, saying The LORD hath given you this land to posses it: ye shall pass over

    armed before your brethen the children of Israel , all that are meet for war. In the

    surrounding verses Moses commanded the tribes of Rueben, Gad and 1/2 of

    Manasseh, who wanted to stay in the land they were in, that they did not have to dwell i

    in the land of Cannan once it was conqured but their men of war would have to go

    ahead) the other Israelites( thy brethren,the children of Israel) in the begining of

    the conquest of Canaan (Joshua 4:12) when the children of Israel would cross the

    river Jordan. Also you gave Isaiah 29;12 that you gave that as a prophecy of

    Muhammed, but in the contex God had smitten the people with spiritual blindnes by

    blinding their prophets and seers. So they ( the porphets and seers) became the blind

    leadind the blind. The result of this spiritual bling=dness was excuses to why the y

    would not hear God’s word. In vs11 the educated excuse to why he could not read the

    book was because “it is sealed” and the unlearned excuse was that he was

    unlearned it had nothing to do with a prophecy of an unleaned prophet.

  20. alfaarooq1 on

    I’ve read these verses already many times over, the problem with the translation of Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic will always be a problem, I’ve done to the best of my knowledge and Allah knows best I always ask The Almighty Allah for guidance when going over the Holy Scriptures, I don’t just take what anyone attempts to translate because every translation ever made have been flawed even the KJV which you have so much faith in, come I introduce you into a much bigger world of the Scripture.

    Let’s look at the Blessed Holy Bible.
    It is written in the following manner: Revelations and “Ahadith” in one Book.
    Revelations are the Words of Allah, “Ahadith” / the sayings of the Prophet of that appointed time which are always narrations done by the people who follow the Prophet of that time. The Problem we find throughout history and even today are when people give further commentary on that which have been said this is called “Tafseer” / commentary as mentioned before.
    This commentary can be most undoubtedly the persons own ideas or an attempt at having a deeper explanation of what is meant in the Scripture…
    Over and over we find faults in such commentary which in most cases can be very, very misleading and can leave a person fall out of religion when having faith in it because it is leading you in the opposite direction.
    I once was told by a man who is very much into Christianity he’s a priest at this point in time when I met him, he said: “The Holy Bible has and always will stand the test of time” I smiled and said my brother which Bible? Which one? From which Church? My brother the Bible are you sure of what you say? The Holy Bible have been changed so many times throughout history and this is a fact.
    Let’s do a little test say I tell you some thing softly in your ear like “I love Reading” then you pass the same words down in a line of a million people and by the time the words come back to you without a doubt you will find something else being said to you.
    Even today people attempt to recover the true Holy Bible because only bits and pieces are left of the “Injeel” the original Scripture.
    Scholars plan to reunite ancient Bible – online… more/

    After this is done not even two years later they will change it again and again…

    Now lets look at The Blessed Holy Quran.
    It is in the following manner: Revelations Only!
    Reviewed, Audited etc… etc…
    Ahadith are collected in separate books, The Tafseer made are in separate books.
    The Holy Quran has never ever changed and never will, Allah Himself protects His Word but His Word is in the Torah and Bible too it’s only mixed up with the misleading word of man.
    I can not give you guidance only Allah does this so here as a gift:
    The Holy Quran, English translation in PDF, this is but an attempt of translation because Arabic is a very deep and vast language and can not be compared to any other language no wonder Allah has chosen Such a Beautiful language Arabic:

    PS: I don’t debate people, people debate themselves I always leave you to study and search for understanding on your own. This means I’m more then just your brother but someone who actually cares.

  21. alfaarooq1 on

    Please don’t be taken by the comments of the people when you go view the link with regards to the Bible being reunited or even redone…
    Phil Please “Do not engage in debate with people there” my reason for saying so is because I know what comes out of debates no one wins the discussion and the only winner is the third one listening…
    When people Argue / Debate the Scripture the only one who wins in the Devil…
    When people debate they sometimes get hurt or angry and this anger is a flame from the Devil who wishes for people to generate hate between each other…
    Love your neighbour as you love yourself…

    With love for the pleasure of Allah, may He guide you Inshallah.
    Al-Faarooq aka Farook Mohammed

  22. alfaarooq1 on

    To correct the writer of this article I wish to bring forth evidence to you.
    I stand firm against what you say about Islaam, there’s nothing wrong with the religion but surely something wrong with the people…
    We can put things on a scale and see which religion is the most warlike religion and most violent in the world and this goes throughout time…
    The Answer is Christianity do you have a heart that’s strong enough to read up and see? Here is the Answer you’ve been looking for:

    I’ve interviewed many people from around the world on this topic and all agree it is without a doubt Christianity…

  23. TJ on

    Wait…Did I read right? Christianity is the most warlike religion and most violent in the world!?!
    When is the last time 3 or more Christians have killed 3 or more people in the name of Jesus Christ? ???
    When is the last time 3 or more Muslims have killed 3 or more people in the name of Allah? 9/11/2001

  24. DT on

    TJ, I really wouldn’t waste my time with this. . . we can do a series on Islam later.

  25. Phil on

    Man you commented a few minuets after I signed of last night. Sorry I missed you.

    I was kinof vacilating back and forth between explaining why I don’t really lioke

    dynamic equivalence and findind and answering the scripture references you gave. I

    decided to give up the dynamic eqivalence and just answer acording to the context of

    the chapter. How could the Ishmaelites be considered brother Israelites?

    To be an Israelite don’t you have to be a child of Israel(Jacob). Would’nt brother

    Israelites apply to Israelites. Can the other sons of Abraham

    (Zimran,Medan,Midian,Isbach,and ShuahGen25:2) also be considered brother

    Isralites? I read your article about Muhammed being the Holy Spirit in

    John14, 16. You said in two of your summary points that: He would stay forever and

    he will tesify and glorify Christ. what did you mean by stay foever? Also in the qoutes

    you gave it seemed like Muhammed is glorifying himself . I read some of the blog on

    why you think Christianity was warlike. The crusades were done by Cathlics as I said

    before there are many things that the RCC does that is unbiblical.

    The RCC was responsible for the crusades. Also Hitler was a RC, but he

    also accepted the theory of evolution and master race teachings. I don’t know if the

    RCC really care who or what you belive as long as you come into the church

    (converting the Driuids in England) . They

    just apologized to Charles Darwin and now accepts theistic evolution( might ge tmore

    evolutionists in the church.) You ar displeased that U.S. troops are in Iraq and

    Afganastan. Do you think the the Iraqis are better of without Saddam in power?

    finally, sorry for continuing this thread for so long DT and TJ since I commentedon his

    blog and my post somehow got accidentally erased I had to come back here.

  26. Phil on

    Just a clarification


    I am not trying to accuse you by my last question about the war

  27. Phil on

    OK after reading the article he(alfaarooq1) linked I have to comment again I do not

    think that the codex Sanaiticus/(Codex B?) is the original Bible. Maybe once they put

    it online many of the greek literate people of the blogosphere will be writing and

    commenting on it. I been wnting to get A fuul Coalation of Codex B bt F.H.A.

    Scrivener. He said that it wasa very poor manuscript.

  28. Phil on

    soory for the misspellings I meant writing, full, and by

  29. alfaarooq1 on

    Truth is you have nothing to prove, just a lot to learn…
    As I said the debate will be with yourself in your own mind as you learn…
    The same arrogance and ignorance the Devil had on the day the Almighty said bow down to Adam lives within you, kill that flame of hate and unmindfulness…
    Practice what you preach!!!
    Scrivener said, John said, Peter said, I said, you said, all of mankind says this or that it keeps going on….
    To cut a long story shot take only what The Almighty Says!
    Like all the millions of discussions I had in the past with Charles Meek at “faithfacts” website, his buddy Steve on another website, these guys at “answeringislam” etc…
    All the millions of anti muslim websites failed in their tasks.
    Allah humiliated them by inspiring wisdom within me.
    Just like I left them I leave you with the Scriptures in your hands pray and ask for guidance.

  30. Phil on

    Thanks for commenting back. I did not mean to make you upset but Islam also

    depends the authenticity of the scriptures( the torah and the gospel) and its

    prophecies( howevermuch of the Bible you believe since you believe Allah could not

    keep his word preserved from the Jews and Christians who you claim corrupted it.

    Yes, I do have alot of learning to do being an 18 year old who just graduated from high

    school last year.

  31. Hal on

    Such conclusions by the writer can only be drawn when divorced from the context of history and reality, which is not all that surprising when within Christian academia we see the hot debate and differences between the Jesus of Faith vs the Jesus of History.

    1st, War is the actions of a state or done in the establishment of a state. So Muhammad (pbuh) being a head of state had to defend himself and his community against its enemies. This is not a strange religious phenomenon; in fact we see precedence within the Old Testament. Just goggle Joshua and see the wars. Within in the Old Testament you see the burning of cities and even the smashing of babies on the rock. Do you accept the Old Testament as the word of God, if so don’t throw stones in a glass home.

    2nd For Christian, since Jesus (pbuh) was never a head of state or apart of governance, he could not have the experience of a King. Instead during his time, he and Jerusalem were under occupation, apparently Jesus was not all that successful in his ministry and according to New Testament, he prostrated sweating blood to have the cup passed from him and was ultimately killed. Something of course, us Muslim reject, this weak depiction of a Prophet of God (pbuh). In medieval times and even in the post-Enlightenment era such thought amongst contemporary Christian and rational thinkers, this would NOT be an option for them.

    3rd As far as point to a map where Muslim dominates and there is violence. Lets broaden the history of this a bit. There are places in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, which up until today are violent and it has nothing to do with Islam. However, the common denominator is the THIRD WORLD. Further examination of history, shows the Christian dominated Western World colonized the world, robbing it of land, resources, and enslaving its people for material gain. In the many of the colonized countries insurgencies began to expel or resist the occupiers. As time progressed the western world gave the world their freedom but not before leaving native administrative puppets in place to continue to rape the lands of their resources. In the Middle East old countries were divided, new countries were made in an effort to divide and conquer. This is why we see so many land disputes where Muslim are, therefore, Muslim fight back with the only rallying cry they have, which is Islam, it is not democracy or human rights, it is Islam. This is the rallying cry for many even when their actions totally violate Islam. The violence left at the aftermath of the leaving of colonizer up until today is not unique to Muslim, I came name six un-Islamic countries in Africa that are volatile, the same could be said about Countries in South America, and the growing trend of Anti-America in South America.

    So, I ask when you point to a Muslim Country on the map that does not have violence, first point to one that was not colonized. So, before you make uninformed statements, at the very least study the roots of your own religion and world history first, oh yea thinking would help as well.

  32. josiahe on

    Like any true believer, it’s hard for those who believe in Islam to see how wrong they are. The question comes down to: does Islam teach violence or not?

    Anyone who reads the Koran knows – even those who are in denial.

    Do they seek truth or do the seek to bring others to believe as they do so they can feel better justifying the violence?

    At least some are reading both sides here . . . . maybe they’ll pray. Then, it’s up to the Holy Spirit to guide them. As scripture says, “Knock, and it will be opened”, and “seek and ye shall find” Most only read what they already believe . . . . they’re safer that way; admittedly, it IS unsettling to find everything one believed was and is a lie! Most are not truly seeking; they think they’ve already found.

    Just as many Muslims do not follow the violence in the Koran, many “nominal” Christians also believe they’re “found”, yet don’t live as Christ taught. It’s these that are lost; it’s these who drive others away . . . . If you believe, live it; if you’re a Muslim and live what the Koran tells you to, and you can live with that, . . . . you too will meet the Creator. See if you believe you can justify the violence to Him!


  33. alfaarooq1 on

    By the way are you Jew or Christian? I’d like to share with you what the Almighty Allah Says about Jews and Christians in the Holy Quran, in addition to this here’s a sneak preview of the letter sent to the Vatican and MJO by Al-Faarooq, you getting this before the Media gets it so guess you’re lucky… see below:

    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

    Dear Brethren in the faith of the One Lord, our King the Almighty Allah (Eloah), the Incomparably Great, Most Holy, Most High I greet you with Peace.
    As’Salaamu Alaikum (Shalom) In the name of His Highest who is the sole Owner of all the Most Holy and Most Beautiful Names, Attributes/ Titles our Lord the Creator.

    I wish this letter, and open invitation receives you in the best of health.
    It is our common goal in faith to uphold all that is good and forbid all that is evil, this letter comes as a request for your cooperation in the common goals we share.
    As religious leaders, as dedicated believers and scholars of the Holy Scriptures from our Lord, as His agents on Earth it is our duty to protect, assist and guide mankind to that which is good.

    The world we live in today is filled with corruption, oppression and an evil that is flourishing amongst our people. It is our duty as religious leaders to uphold and encourage the common good of mankind. The problems we face in our world today is with substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol and a variety of un-Khosher (Haraam) things, unlawful sexual relations before marriage, sodomy and racial discrimination amongst our people. Our Creator has created only one race in mankind and that is the Human race, He divided us into many beautiful nations so we may know each other. Having said this I would like for us to work towards a common good and fight against all evils in unity as we await the coming of the Messiah, this, a token of our preparation for the End.

    For the Almighty Allah Says in the Holy Quran: Q2:62 “Those who believe (The Muslims) and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabaeans whoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.”, Q2:63 “And remember O Children of Israel, when We (Allah) have made a covenant with you and caused the Mount to tower above you, (saying): Hold fast that which We (Allah) have given you, and remember that which is therein, that ye may ward off evil.”

    The Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: Q5:44 “Lo! We did reveal the Torah, wherein there is guidance and a light, by which the Prophets who surrender to His will judge (rule) the Jews, and the rabbis and the priests (judged) by such of Allah’s Scripture as they were bidden to observe, and thereunto were they witness. So fear not mankind, but Fear Me. And batter not My revelations for a little gain. Whose judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are disbelievers. Q5:45 “Whoso judge not by that which Allah hath revealed: such as wrongdoers.” Q5:46 “We bestowed on him (Eesa / Jesus) the Gospel wherein is guidance and a light, confirming that which was revealed before it the Torah a guidance and an admonition unto those who ward off evil.” Q5:47 “Let the people of the Gospel judge by that which Allah hath revealed therein. Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed; such are evil livers.” Q5:48 “And unto thee (Muslims) We (Allah) revealed the Scripture with the truth, confirming whatever Scripture was before it, and a watcher over it. So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires away from the truth which hath come unto thee. For each We (Allah) have appointed a Shariah (divine law) and a traced out way. Had Allah willed He could have made you one community. But that He may try you by that which He hath given you. (He hath made you as ye are) So vie one with another in good works. Unto Allah ye will return, and He will then inform you of that wherein ye differ.”

    O People of the Scripture lend me an observant ear, we find in our midst today the evil doers promoting a law called democracy, for all they do and command by is said in the name of democracy and not in the Name of our Lord, in their evil system of law religion have no right to judge, in their system the religious head have been removed from the political scene. In this system called democracy the evils of corruption, sodomy, un-lawful sexual relations, theft and usury thrive as it feeds of the oppressed and innocent people. O people of the Scripture let us unite in the common good to ward of evil and stand united against all evils such as sodomism, oppression, corruption etc… and take back the Laws (Shariah) of Scripture, let us restore our family values and shift the world towards peace and a better understanding of all mankind in its beautiful diversity. O people of the Scripture the Shariah (Divine Laws) of the Almighty is complete and needs no adjustment, for it is made clear, it is free from any need for amendment.
    For our Lord says: “Whose judgeth not by that which Allah (Eloah) hath revealed: such are disbelievers.”

    As Muslims we believe in Allah and the Holy Quran revealed unto us, we believe in His Angels, His Prophets and all that revealed to them, some of which to mention are (the Zabur, Torah, Injeel “Gospels of the Bible”, and the completion of all that have gone before the Holy Quran), and we believe in the Last Day. We are Muslims (People who surrender to His will)

    We await, and look forward to your response.
    May the Almighty Allah guide us all.
    Fax: ***********
    The United Muslim Nations International

  34. Aisha on

    I do not think Islam enhance the violence and unfaithfull. Allah tells you what it right and Allah tells you who you are and not for war and terrorism. Allah doesnt forgive that way at all. Unfortunately, western society creat the way to hate Islam or not enought attention of peace. I wish that everyone just leave that alone from thier mind to be peaceful world.

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