Various Thoughts on the Election from Around the Web

Some encouraging, some not so much, but all challenging thoughts given to us concerning this historic election:

James White posted a video with a sharp but biblically discerning view of society, and a challenge for Christians, including the exhortation to pray for Obama’s conversion.

Al Mohler writes that this election is indeed a hallmark for America, but reminds us of some of the issues as stake.

Dan Burrell gives us two lists: Ten Things to Expect from an Obama Administration and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Bob Bixby’s post about why Evangelicals trust in Obama is worth a read.

Voddie Bachman says of the racial issues involved – It’s not over.

Ligon Duncan offers suggestions about praying for Obama.

Between Two Worlds has an incredible guest post by Eric Redmond, “Living Soli Deo Gloria Under Obama” in which he describes his struggle to choose between voting Christocentrically or Afrocentrically.

Finally, the first hour transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s program is available, and he rightfully criticizes the Republican party and beckons them back to true conservatism.


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  1. […] as a guest blogger on Justin Taylor’s blog in response to Obama’s election, which I had linked to as well. God has certainly given this man a heart for Him and His work. In particular, Redmond […]

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