Cherishing America

After the historic election of Barack Obama to the presidency, I’m sure most of the Christian blogs will be reminding the conservative-minded that God is in control and urging us all to obey the Bible’s commands to render unto Caesar, obey the authority in the name of God, and pray for our leaders. I hope we will take heed to those things.

That kind of reaction is still too melancholy for me. Sure, the liberal one won. Actually, I should say the more liberal one won. But does that mean we should all collectively sigh and mumble, “well at least God is still in control?” God is in control no matter what! So why should this change anything?

Instead of dwelling on the negative, why not remind ourselves of the tremendous country that is the United States of America? I think it’s an amazing thing to have an African American president. It’s great that the voice of the people was actually heard. It’s thrilling to know that there is no caste system in America. Obama’s story is a true American success story, and although I strongly disagree with his political positions, it is such a wonderful tribute to our great country to see his story reach this climax. May God bless him, and God bless America.


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  1. Will Dudding on

    Enough of this rejoicing, wonderful tribute, America is a great country nonsense because we elected a black guy.

    I can care less what color the guy is. This is nothing to praise America for. We just elected America’s first affirmative action president. Affirmative action is not what a true American success story is supposed to look like. This guy is a zero with charisma and we’re supposed to think that America has some shred of virtue because she didn’t care what color the communist baby killer was? Maybe Rev. Wright was right….maybe God has damned America.

  2. Brian Stocks on

    i strongly agree with this post.

  3. Dan Hodge on

    I think the important thing to remember is that while Obama won, it was because of who he was running against. McCain tried to play the center (looks like that strategy backfired) and alienated the base that George W. Bush had already frustrated with his play to the center presidency. True conservatism will still win elections when it is embraced by a candidate. So, praise the system but don’t praise this as a victory of virtue in America. By the way, I would be careful to repeat and believe words said by Rev. Wright. God will bless people who obey his will, no matter where they are in the world.

  4. DT on


    You probably know I agree with you. But like I said I’m just trying to remain positive. And there are positive factors in play here. The fact that anyone can be elected President is an ideal that makes America great – and as a Baptist, I’m even more grateful, for liberty of conscience is our idea. The fact we can disagree with people is an honor.

    Now, I realize that Obama is a dangerous candidate. The democrats gaining control is even scarier. But as you pointed out on your blog, the only kingdom that matters is God’s. If the liberals take away our rights to serve God, that might be what we need to charge the gates of hell. Christianity thrives on challenge. The strongest Christians I know are around the world in third-world countries. The early church recorded in the Bible dealt with tough persecution and yet turned the world upside down. But on the other hand, liberal candidates have traditionally moved to the right of center – not so much conservative but a lot more right than one would have imagined, just as conservatives have always moved to the center. Obama being a smart politician may have to do that in order to succeed, seeing as the dems don’t quite have a filibuster-proof congress just yet. Either way, we win. Christ has the victory. If we still have freedoms, we preach Christ, if they are taken away, we preach Christ.

    His story resonates with me. I don’t have the same story by any means, but I do remember growing up in buildings that my friends referred to as “the projects”. I always said, no they’re apartment complexes! Also, my mom briefly went on food stamps for us so she can get trained to work in a hospital and support her two children as a hard working single mom. Believe me, I’m not looking for sympathy. It wasn’t terrible living conditions. But the point is that historically, and even now, there are many countries in which the hope of becoming a president wouldn’t even be considered. America proves otherwise. So I thank God for America no matter what happens – knowing full well that my true citizenship is in heaven.

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