Man, I waited too long to post this.

Good, honest Christians debate about whether or not we should vote. I’ve heard both sides, and think both have good arguments based on scripture. While I agree with some principles espoused by the side abstaining from voting, such as not being entangled with this world’s affairs, I am more persuaded that we ought to exercise our right.

Question: if you lived in a country that treated a certain ethnic group with cruelty, keeping them as slaves, taking away their rights, even killing them for not complying, and an opportunity presented itself to you, in the form of legislation, for you to vote in order to liberate such a group, would you vote, knowing that you as a Christian are the salt and light of this world?

If yes, then why not take part in liberating the unborn from the creulty of abortion? It doesn’t mean our vote will necessarily change things, but I’d hate to know that Christians, of all people, didn’t even try.

Please vote today.


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