Things that Should Not Matter in this Election

This is in no way intended to be a political blog. But, let’s face it, the election is on everyone’s mind. However, there are a number of things that are making a big difference in this year’s election that really should not matter at all. I think it would be profitable to mention a few of those things. The last one is particularly pertinent considering tonight’s debate.

John McCain’s Age

Experience is a good thing, right? Then, how is having more experience a bad thing? As McCain said for himself, “I’m older than dirt and have more scars than Frankenstein, but I’ve learned a few things along the way.”

Celebrities’ Endorsement

There’s a reason why they’re in entertainment!
Besides, McCain has a few celebrities up his sleeve as well. The video found here makes that point pretty well. (Warning: questionable images and innuendo)

CBS’s Bias

Who says it better than O’Reilly?

Joe Biden

This guy speaks for himself…and no one else…especially Obama.

And my personal favorite…


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  1. DT on

    ummmm. . . I dunno, I’m not too sure about all this. The more I think about it, the less I want to be involved. I am growing sick of the Republican establishment. I am sick of the mentality that just because we’re Christian we have to support them. Why? They say things to get our vote. That’s really about it. Will a McCain/Palin administration actually do anything about abortion? Or bring about school choice? Or limit the government? No. He’s less conservative than Bush, and Bush did none of the above. And unlike many, I don’t feel I have to defend every statement that procedeth out of the mouth of Bush. . or McCain. . or Palin. Perhaps this comment is written in backlash from the Palin-Biden debate. And it is. Fox News is declaring a “knockout” (to use Guiliani’s phrase) Palin victory – it clearly was not! She spoke eloquently, yes, but she said a lot of fluff. . .typical Republican, neocon, pretend to be conservative fluff. The fact is Fox News is a conservative station, not a “fair and balanced” one. In Hannity’s world, republicans can do no wrong. It’s disgusting. And a clip of an enraged Bill Oreilly lashing out at the late Tim Russert doesn’t prove anything else but the fact that all people have opinions and they all stink. At the time of this typing, the Fox News poll has Palin winning the debate 86% – 12%. Case in point.
    Sure, it’s funny to see Biden make a mistake. He’s made several. But they all make mistakes, and it’s about time conservative, Bible believeing Christians actually begin to practice Christian integrity and be fair to all sides. Remember that the Republican party is not perfect, but a politcal establishment guised as conservative that is just as prone t make bad politcal decisions as the democrats. a real interesting study, perhaps one in which we should take part, would be how much less of a problem Christians had before the era of Falwell and Moral Majority. Let us not continue to be duped by the republican establishment and their henchmen on the airwaves.
    Ok, that being said. . I’m obviously supporting McCain. have you seen the alternative??
    Anyway, I”ll tell you what I think “should not matter in this election” – the winner. Christianity is supposed to be a movement on the offense. According to the Lord Jesus, we are supposed to be charging the gates of hell. Well, in America. . we’re not doing that are we? America needs a wake up call. No matter who wins this election, we need churches to do the work of churches and Christians to do the work of Christians.
    Well, hopefully that diatribe will display the fact that we can differ on issues. I think I’m right here. I’m willing to debate anyone, even TJ, on this, although I don’t think this post really was meant to inspire all the things to which I just responded.

  2. Brian Stocks on

    Hey guys I appreciate you.

    This election is important and I plan on casting my vote, but this verse brings me great comfort: The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD Proverbs 16:33.

  3. TJ on

    Brian! What’s up, man!?! Thanks for the verse. You should drop by more often.


    You’re right. This post was not intended to stir up all those issues. To be perfectly honest I mainly just wanted to make fun of Biden. But, all the things you mentioned were important things. There’s a lot to be said about each of them.

    There’s no doubt, the Republican Party has come along way. Conservatives have been so discontented with the race this year. So much so, the only thing motivating them is prevention of the alternative. Personally, although I think I’m still registered as a Republican, I’ve considered myself an Independent for a while.
    People talk about McCain’s populism and willingness to compromise on issues to further legislation like they’re good things (well, I guess the latter is a good thing if you cling to the former). He’s not a true conservative. A true conservative would do more than make government efficient. A true conservative would make government get out of the way altogether. A true conservative would have done everything in their power to stop that bail-out. With all that said, he’s a world more conservative than Obama. As little as that says about him, it’s enough to get my vote.

    (Irrelevant side note: It’s obvious that Fox News is not fair and balanced. But, they are a lot closer to being such than any other major news network.)

    I hope I don’t come across as one who thinks that Christian’s should fall for the GOP’s pseudo-conservatism, lock, stock, and barrel. I got a chill down my back every time at school when preachers or teachers would say something about the incorruptibility of G.W. Bush. Sam Mina had it right when he pointed out that fundamentalists did nothing but rail against Bill Clinton and demean everything he did; then we lauded Bush’s election like it was the second advent or something.

    When it really comes down to it, I’m just like you (except better looking). It’s the alternative that wins my vote for McCain. It’s a sad commentary, but it is reality.

    You are so right about the last “thing that should not matter.” It reminds me of what Dr. Dalton said about the 2004 election. (commence Dalton voice here) “Whoever gets elected, it’s not gonna make me loose sleep. Neither one of [the candidates] can change my salvation, so I can put up with either one of ‘em and still get a good night’s sleep. Mm-Hmm.”(end voice)

    Sorry for any disappointment I caused by not disagreeing.

  4. DT on

    Nah, it’s good that we’re not arguing over this. I wouldn’t want to waste the opportunity to destroy you in a debate over something as trivial as politics.

    My response was a mixture of having just watched the debate, watched the Fox News response to it, and then saw the post. I was like, man, I don’t want people to get the impression that repubs are always right. But I’m guilty of the same thing: I made fun of Bill Richardson early, early on in this blog, as well as posted anti-Obama vids and such. There’s no doubt that, as a conservative, I’d rather McCain win. I am going to the voting booth this novemeber to vote against Obama, period. I’d vote for Alan Keyes, but that would be a wasted vote. I’d rather be a good steward.

    I’m glad, though, and I always knew we agreed on this: politics are very, very secondary. It’s important, as some say , that we “vote morality up”, but this tends toward dominion theology/postmil/theocracy. The government will not solve our problems. Churches exist as the body of Christ in their respective areas. What a thought! And what are we doing? See, it might take persecution to wake us up. Or it might take an ultra-liberal like Obama to do just that. Or an establishment republican like McCain. Well, whatever happens, as Brian pointed out, it’s all in God’s hands. For that we rejoice.

  5. Dan Hodge on

    Hey guys,

    Finally a chance for me to comment on something trivial like politics. With all the challanges our nation faces, the Christian’s main issue should be this: which candidate will protect our liberty? This will answer all the economic questions and security issues. True conservatism is based on the idea of protecting the liberty of our nation and in a citizen led government. (Let’s pray that a true conservative will step up in 2012!)

    Despite all the difficulties we face, I believe that God will help those that truly seek to carry out His will. Let’s continue to preach the word, and not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

    I really enjoy reading this blog guys, keep up the good work.

  6. DT on

    thanks for the kind remarks, dan! good to hear from ya again.
    That’s a good question to ask for this election, “which candidate will protect our liberty?” I agree to its significance. I also think the answer is decidedly against Barak Obama. Unfortunately, this is the second time in a row i find myself commenting on this issue right after a debate. John McCain is just so unimpressive. So, I cry out with you, Dan, – Let’s pray that a true conservative will step up in 2012!!

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