Weaker or Stronger?

Just a quick thought for today. 

It is obvious that there is a shift ensuing within conservative evangelicalism and in fundamentalism concerning evangelism. Many are realizing the errors of revivalism and watered-down evangelistic methods that have pervaded the church in the last century, causing an innumerbale amount of false converts. As a result of growing frustration, the resurgence of Calvinistic views, the conservative revolution within evangelicalism, and the influence of ministries like the Way of the Master, it seems more of us are trying to get back to a biblical model of evangelism. This, however, is a model that produces less professions of faith. Now I realize that there can be many reasons why people are leaving churches. Many a preacher decries the reduction in church attendance and employs the use of staggering statistics to do so: and they are staggering. Just think about how many churches are closing their doors these days. We certainly need a revival. But here’s my question: do you think we are having a revival? Could it be, that this approach to evangelism and emphasis on discipleship is simply causing false converts to go away? I will always remember James MacDonald’s quip – “God can cut your church attendance in half tomorrow and be more thrilled with your ministry than ever before.” Of course, we all say, “it’s not about numbers.” Well, let’s wake up and realize that. It’s not about numbers or the size of your church. It’s better to have 5 obedient Christians than 500 disobedient pew warmers, no? Who turned the world upside-down for the gospel? The multitudes that followed Jesus’ miracles, or his group of 12 disciples? Is the decline of church attendance in America really making us weaker? Or is it making us stronger?


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  1. W. E. Messamore on

    Excellent point. Very true and very Biblical. I say we should ignore attendance data altogether, as they are meaningless. God’s Kingdom has shown again and again that it is above and beyond quantity and not limited by quantity. Just a little can go a long way in the Divine economy. We would do well to note that and to remember that David brought curses on Israel by attempting to take a census and rely on numbers rather than God.

  2. Chris on

    I am not a Reformer. I don’t agree with Calvinistic doctrine. However, the idea that shrinking churches may be making us stronger is definitely something to think about. It’s exciting to think that is a possibility.

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