Encouraging Sunday Video, 9.7.08

It’s sad that Christianity’s opponents continue to decry the Bible as being supportive of racism when, in fact, the Bible is the very reason why cultures today eschew that very thing. This is proven historically, as cultures which have been reached with the gospel got a hold of such stark teachings as “men being made in the image of God”, “in Christ all are one – neither Jew nor Gentile”; “being a debtor both to Greeks and Barbarians”; “being made of one blood”; “sharing a common ancestor in Adam”; “esteeming others better than yourselves”; so on and so forth. According to the Bible, there is only one race, the human race. 

What’s more sad is when Christians feed the fire of skepticism. There are undeniable blemishes on the saga of Christianity. But these circumstances are obviously not in accordance with the Bible. Even today, there are still those who will not permit what they see as an “interracial” marriage. May God help us to tear down these unbiblical presuppositions. Let’s be encouraged with this short clip of Thabiti Anaybwile at this year’s T4G conference:


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