Encouraging Sunday Video, 8.24.08

We all know about Joel Osteen’s poor representation of Christianity on Larry King’s show. But all is not such in the world of Christianity. True preachers like John MacArthur aren’t afraid to stand up for the truth:


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  1. mountainguy on

    And what the heck is a “true preacher”? Northamerican fundamentalism (and yes, this includes both bible-whackers and some “new atheists”) is almost as dangerous as muslim one.

    just, if any of you is wonderin’ about, I’m a southamerican guy who identifies himself with so-called “christian anarchism”.

  2. DT on

    A true preacher, by pure lexical definition, would be someone who proclaims the truth. This is what John MacArthur does in this video, which is a contrast to what Joel Osteen has done when on the same show. That’s really about it, as far as the point here is concerned.

    Your comment certainly is interesting. I’d have to say, though, that “christian anarchism” is an oxymoron. A Christian is someone who follows Christ. Jesus Christ is the Lord. We are His servants. To consider yourself an anarchist is rebellion against the Lord. Maybe what you’re communicating is that you’d rather follow Jesus than the world? If that’s what you mean I can agree, to an extant, but maybe you should consider different terminology.

  3. mountainguy on

    1. Yes… I’d follow Jesus than the world, I’d rather follow Jesus than the law, I’d rather follow Jesus than the gov.

    2. I know nothing about Mr Osteen, but I have found in a lot of christian websites, from conservatives to liberals, that this guy doesn´t have a good theological training.

    3. IMO, Mr McArthur and the other 2 religious men have good points. I agree with John McArthur that Jesus in the only way (whatever it means). I also agree with the black preacher (I don’t know his name) that it is the work of God (not ours) to judge people. And I also agree with the pacifism of the catholic father.

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