Liberalism and the Dignity of Life

The picture is taken from the Way of the Master Radio website and found on James White’s blog. As White said, “some things speak for themselves.” Lest any be accused on taking Obama out of context, however:



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  1. Son of Bill Brasky on

    ha.. funny.. unfortunately the poster DOES take that quote out of context. I guess you WANT them punished with an STD? He said that too.

    What exactly is your point? That people who are “liberals” don’t have any dignity in life? That “liberals” have no respect for life? ridiculous.

    I could make the same argument for conservatives who support war. They don’t respect life either.

    If abstinence is best policy then why the spike in teen pregnancies? Or do you advocate teen pregnancy?

  2. DT on

    how you can blame pregnancy on abstinence is beyond me…

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