Maybe It’s the Change We Need

There’s a lot of talk about change from the Democratic side of the Presidential election, and it’s literally making conservative sick. Presumptive Democratic nominee Barak Obama is running his campaign on such an idea, but political pundits are rightly pointing out, “where’s the substance behind the claims?” As most Bible believing Christians tend to be political conservatives, we are saying the same thing. The only “change” we could imagine a very liberal political leader bringing to the White House is an agenda that is more socialistic than ever, and more secular than ever.

As we have made clear, and will continue to do so, on this blog, we believe that Christianity thrives on challenge. You and I may not want someone in the oval office who is all talk and no walk. We may not want someone who will make the government even bigger than it is now and fund more unnecessary projects and unmotivated people with our money. We may not want someone who says he’s a Christian, but his liberal leaning only seems to pave way for more religious regulation in this country. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a conservative evangelical who is going to vote for Obama. Yet with all that said, maybe a victory for the liberals is what we need. Not what America needs, but what the church in America needs for a wake-up call.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no evidence to claim that somehow Barak Obama, if elected, will put a ban on all sorts of evangelism and kick pastors out of their pulpits if they preach against controversial issues (he knows about controversial preaching). But I also have no doubt he is one of the most liberal men that has had as much of a chance of winning the presidency of this country. That being said, he or his successors may very well pave the way toward a more secular country.

If the Pledge of Allegiance, Commandments in the courtroom, “under God” on our money, or the mere mention of Jesus Christ in the public square continue to be questioned, will Barak Obama or any liberal for that matter defend the right for freedom of speech?

As more subdivisions and neighborhoods in America disallow proselytizing, will the liberals take away evangelism entirely?

As more people become sensitive to any and all religious talk, will the liberals stand up for us?

If the liberals allow for gay marriage or civil unions, they’re obviously saying it’s ok. Therefore, can we still preach what the Bible says about homosexuality without being threatened, or will America become like other countries in which it is practically illegal to do so?

My point isn’t that Barak Obama is the next Great Persecutor of the Church. And the above questions are really pale hypothetical situations in comparison to what some have suffered for the faith. But with the freedoms we enjoy now in this country, we have churches full of people who just don’t care. Those of us in the ministry find this extremely frustrating. In many of our churches, congregants are giving God the left-overs in their lives. It becomes a sacrifice for them to hand out one tract per year or ever make it to a service beside Sunday morning. What is going on?

Of course, there are several answers: the gospel is being watered down, the Bible isn’t being preached correctly, etc. But many are improving on this as well. One of the biggest problems we have in American Christianity today is that people are virtually unchallenged. They aren’t clinging to Christ for any reason because they know that no matter what they do for His service, their jobs, their houses, their friends, and their families will probably still be there. We can go street preaching, might find some ridicule, but go back home unscathed. Perhaps what we need is a challenge like that found in Acts chapter 8.

Those of us who have spent time in a foreign country are usually dumbfounded as to how Christians live their lives. At least in Peru, this was the case. And other Hispanic folks I have met from various countries are the same way – sold out for Jesus. Why? They realized the hard way that Jesus is really all you need.

We all know that’s true, but sometimes find it hard to apply in a country where we have everything at our fingertips. It’s obvious, then, that we need change. I am not praying for a great persecution to come upon American Christianity. I am praying for God’s will. But in doing so, I pray that something has to be done. If God so chooses to send hardship our way, that might just be the thing we need for a revival in this country. So, say what you will about Barak Obama and his far left agenda. I’m not sure what kind of change he’s talking about either. But the thermostats in the churches are all telling us that something needs to happen. It may not be what Obama has in mind, it may not be what conservatives have in mind, but rest assured, what God has in mind is always best.


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  1. southernvoice on

    With friends like you Christ doesn’t need enemies. The biggest failure of the Southern Baptist Convention is that it never valued intellectualism and education. You say that having Christ is enough.

    Christ taught that we are to put on the armor of God. That includes knowledge. “Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that need not be ashamed”. So having Christ is not enough. You have to prepare yourself.

    There is nothing that you said that is accurate. First Obama is not a Socialist and he does not have socialist policies.

    Socialism is when the government owns the means of production. Name one instance where Obama is attempting to take private industry and let the government take it over. Just ONE.

    The fact is that our government has switched from Kenyesian economics to neo-liberal economics? Do you know when this happened? Do you know what neo-liberal economics is or do you confuse it with Liberals because of what it is called?

    I already know the answer to those questions. I can tell you have no idea about our government’s economic policies because of the statements in your post. Therefore what are you doing talking in a cocksure manner about things you know nothing about. Is that Christ-like?

    Secondly Jesus was the biggest Socialist who ever lived. He is the opposite of Ayn Rand who believed that you have no responsibility as your neighbor’s keeper.

    You are free to believe Ayn Rand or Jesus. That is up to you. But you should at least understand what you are talking about before you presume to speak for Christ.

    If you wish to arm yourself as a Christian and gain knowledge than I recommend that you visit this site.

    Its not a Bible site but it does inform people about politics. If you wish to get involved in politics as a Christian than it is your duty to understand what you are talking about.

    Obama is not liberal. You don’t even know what a liberal is or you would know that Jesus was one.

    Furthermore Jesus never told anyone that we are to judge others. It is not your place to say whether gay people can marry (as long as it is a civil ceremony) or if what they are doing is wrong. It is only your place to pray for others and to love others and to lift Christ up. If you cannot do that then you are the sinner. Should the rest of us judge you with the same judgement that you judge gay people?

    There is no evidence that Obama would persecute the church. You just came up with that nonsense so you could justify another reason for being anti Democrat and support Republicans which is stupid.

    FYI. Back in the 50s the United States was solidly Anglo Saxon Protestant. There was not a court house in this land that was not run by Christians and yet we always kept a separation of church and state and we always valued science and education. We had the best schools in the world and without science we could not have become the greatest nation on Earth.

    Yet today Christians are under attack in our own country. Why? You don’t know. You actually HELP those who attack Christians. You help those who would destroy America.

    Because of all the accomplishments of those who belong to your ethnic group you have had advantages. Because of what our white fore fathers accomplished you have had priviledges. Today people like you are not able to defend our religion or our country. You benefit not because of your contributions, creations or inventions or intellectualism but because you are white.

    Jews always rise to the top in every country they have ever lived. They planed to do the same in America but they couldn’t do that in a country that was Anglo Saxon Protestant. Remember the controversy that surrounded a Catholic who ran for POTUS, Kennedy? Imagine if a Jew ran for office.

    So they had to make America diverse. Not because it was good for America but because it was good for THEM. Their act demonstrates that in a diverse society whoever has the power will do what is in the best interests of those of their own ethnic group at the expense of the general welfare. Therefore diversity doesn’t work.

    Read some of the Congressional debate as Jews attempt to make America diverse so they can take power. A more diabolical way to destroy Anglo Saxon heritage, religion and culture could not have been devised than divesity. Thats why Christians are under attack today.

    Today Jews own the candidates, run the government and the media. They own Obama and McCain.

    They began attacking white anglo saxon culture and religion from the moment they landed on our shores.

    Irving Berlin wrote this right after our Christian fathers and grandfathers saved the jews from the nazis.

    Today Jews say that we need to “get Christians out of (our own) government”. Yet the official state religion that is forced upon everyone is the religion of The Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. It is enforced by every Editor, educator and politician across this land. It is enforced by people such as yourself so that Jews don’t have to silence Americans who oppose them with accusations of anti-semitism because they have people like you to do it for them. That is the result of their propaganda campaigns.

    Today we are told that we must say “Happy Holidays” rather than Merry Christmas.

    Our religion is under attack but its certainly not Obama who is attacking it. What the [heck] reason would he have to attack it. He is a Christian himself you moron.

    Neo-liberalism and Zionism are the reasons we are in the middle east. If you read the Stanley Foundation website you will see that neither Iraq or Iran are mentioned as rising nations that are a threat to us.

    We attacked them because of Israel and Jews power in our government. You defend this because of God’s prophecies but it is not your place to carry out God’s prophecies. it is your place to do what is right as a Christian and leave God’s prophecies to Him.

    What is the difference between an Aryan Nation and a Jewish state. One is Aryan and the other is Jewish, otherwise what is the difference. If one is evil than how can the other be good?

    Does our God or our Constitution suspend the rules of right and wrong depending upon who is doing the deed?

    Does the United States Constitution support the ideology of ethinc or religious states?

    If what Hitler did to Jews was wrong then can what the Jews do to the Palestinians be right?

    Neocons have their roots in Socialism. Thats why Bush/Cheney are the biggest spenders in our history. Neocons do not support traditional Conservative values. If you knew what you were talking about you’d know that.

  2. DT on


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