Resolutions, Shmesolutions!

Yes, that’s what I always say! Well, not really. But I’ve been disenchanted with making New Year’s Resolutions simply because I always break them – and I’m frustrated with myself. That notwithstanding, I believe it can be a good thing to establish some personal goals and pray that the Lord will help me keep them. For instance, I have some things I’d like to accomplish for this blog.

1. To establish a solid foundation for the kind of theological position for which this blog stands.

I am a young pastoral intern and recent graduate of a fundamentalist Bible college. I love the heritage and position of historic and biblical fundamentalism, but have quickly become disillusioned with its direction. I would like to see change, but in what areas and to what extent are concepts I have yet to figure out. Hopefully in this new year, I’d get a better understanding of what I’m longing for. I know I’m not alone in this, and any suggestions are more than welcome.

2. To be more faithful in updating the blog.

Self explanatory.

3. To define my idea of Biblicism, which at this point in my mind is a movement of men from both evangelicalism and fundamentalism who have grown weary of their associations to the liberalism and radicalism in their respective circles that places the emphasis back on the Word of God and consequently focuses more on the pervading issues of the day (such as the rising atheism movement) than other issues (such as the Bible version debate).

4. To provide more apologetic material from a fundamentalist standpoint.

5. To research and publish a well documented essay which reveals the real foundations of fundamentalism, how the movement split into what we have today, and how to put it all back together again!

Good luck with that one! (Oh wait, we don’t believe in luck)

6. To provoke others in fundamentalism who share the same feelings to help make the change in our movement we so desperately need.

Ok, there it is. Of course, if some famous theologian looks at this and says, “hey, ya know, I think I’ll do all that myself,” he’s more than welcome to. But for now, those are my goals for this blog in 2008. I hesitate adding, “more visitors” until I just wrote that. I will be back after the 1st of January. God bless!


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