The Need for Change

A great professor of mine has described fundamentalism as scriptural jealousy for God which has its greatest expression in the exposure of and separation from error. Basically, a fundamentalist loves God so much he strives for purity in every area of life. That being established, fundamentalism as a way of life has existed since Christianity.

When we think of fundamentalism today, however, we think of a movement that began at the turn of the twentieth century. Saving all the details of history, men from various denominations and circles, most notably Baptist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist, joined a movement to fight the growing modernism of the day. The modernism they fought included Darwinianism, secularism, skepticism, and rationalism. Churches in America at that time had been swallowed by these ideas and spewed back as apostate. Why? American Christianity had become stale. To counteract this problem, fundamentalism arose because there was a need for change.

We face similar problems today. Atheism is no longer just “something you are.” It is becoming a movement as well, with groups organized to convert others to a godless society. The Bible is being undermined more than ever before. Christian morality is ridiculed, even seen as dangerous to civilization. Preachers are a joke to a growing percentage of Americans and Europeans. The few missionaries that stick to missions apostatize into humanitarians. Liberalism, New Perspective theology, lost book conspiracies, ecumenism, and Open Theology prevail in many of the nation’s largest churches and religious schools.

Fundamentalism will not affect this society for God by fighting the good fight of Bible versions, music, dress standards, and answering the age-old question: should we or should we not preach with screens?

Things must change.

Change? Sounds like a liberal scheme to some! But it isn’t really. It isn’t changing our standards. No one has to give up his preference on the above named issues. What we need is a change of direction. Fundamentalists, let us stop directing our fundamentalism at “neo-evangelicals” and direct it toward the enemies of the faith! Let us not spend all our time on the KJV while the Rational Response Squad targets our young adults with blasphemies. Let us not spend all our energy on what kind of music is appropriate while PBS airs Richard Dawkins specials on how uncivilized the concept of a Creator is. Let us not spend all of our resources against Calvinism while the public arena continues its erosion of anything religious. Let us go back to the Bible, back to God, back to uplifting the message of the Lord Jesus to a lost and dying world. Let us develop once again that love for God that causes us to defend our faith militantly and articulately. Let us continue to be fundamentalists, but change where we place our emphases.


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