Bill Richardson is a Genius!

Sorry to admit, but I was watching the Democratic debate last night.

Man, I could say so much about it. But, I want to point out one thing that made me laugh the most. When asked about immigration, one of Bill Richardson’s (Governor of New Mexico) solutions would be to “tell the Mexican government to give jobs to its people.”

Wow! That’s what the President has been neglecting for so long. Someone should call George W. and tell him, “hey man, just tell Mexico to give jobs to the people and everything will be fine.”

Of course, Richardson’s comment was received well. Just another example of how easy it is to manipulate people into liking you.

I’ve become so disenchanted with the whole political scene. I believe all citizens should vote, but I am convinced now more than ever that Bible-believing churches must get back to being churches, not institutions of political propaganda. People need theology, not Global Warming. People need to be served and cared for, not Immigration Reform. People need blessings, not talk about taxes and abortion and war. Leave that to the politicians. Although those things are important, let’s determine to concentrate more on giving the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Who knows when we’ll get a President that bans evangelization? I believe it’s coming, and we need to do all we can to get the message out before it’s too late.


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