The Priority of Identity

What do you call yourself?

I am first a Christian.

I am saved and live to follow Christ.
Jesus Christ is my motivation and priority.
I seek to live a life devoted to Jesus Christ.
Take this away from me and I am lost.

I am secondly an Evangelical

I believe in the historic doctrines of biblical Christianity:
The inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of the scriptures
The virgin birth, miracles, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
The deity and humanity of Jesus Christ
The triune God
Justification by grace through faith alone
The substitutionary blood atonement of Jesus Christ
Heaven and Hell
The Great Commission
The second coming of Jesus Christ
The millennial reign of Jesus Christ
I hold to those doctrines as essential to the Christian faith, rejecting any contrary teaching.
I seek to obey the doctrine that has been handed down to me.
Take this away from me and I am a weak, ineffective Christian.

I am thirdly a Baptist

I believe in the distinctive emphases made by Baptist people:
The ultimate authority of the Bible
Believers’ baptism by immersion
The priesthood of the believer
Regenerate church membership
Individual soul liberty
I practice the church polity of Baptist people:
The local church is autonomous
The local church is governed by pastors and deacons; it is congregational
The local church practices baptism and the Lord’s supper as ordinances
I am stirred by the heritage of Baptist people throughout the ages.
I recognize Baptists as neither Catholic nor Protestant.
Take this away from me and I am a faltering, unresolved Evangelical.

I am fourthly a Fundamentalist

My love for God causes me to militantly defend His truth.
My love for God causes me to expose and separate from error.
My love for God prevents me from using unscriptural means to achieve an end.
Take this away from me and I am a cowardly, indifferent Baptist.

I am ultimately a Biblicist

Evangelical is a term which has lost its value.
People have continued calling themselves evangelical while holding to heretical doctrine.
The term has become too inclusive.
Fundamentalists have associated evangelicals with compromise.

Fundamentalist is a term which has lost its value.
People have left the initial purpose of the movement and continued using the term.
Fundamentalists today care little about fundamental doctrine.
Fundamentalism has rightly been associated with extremism.

A biblicist is one whose life and beliefs are solely based on the Bible.

The Bible never changes.
The Bible will keep Its testimony.

A biblicist identifies with the Word of God, not movements of men.

May God give Christianity a return to Biblicism! May those in evangelicalism, fundamentalism, and Protestantism (whichever label may be worn) proclaim their allegiance to the Bible! Let us continue to provoke a revolution which is solely based on the Word of God and not the politics associated with a movement.


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